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Eleven year old pens new Children's Book - Highlights Invigorating Hero

Today's Date -- 4.15.05

A Soon to Be Children's Bestseller
by  Baxter Owen Graham and my dad, Illustrated by James Martin
Whitefish, Montana (April 15, 2005)- Drumstick Media proudly announces the first printing of Old King Stinky Toes, whose pungent portrayal of virtue will soon endear his epic adventures to zealous fans around the world. Written by eleven year old Baxter Owen Graham . This imaginative  tale builds upon the fictional exploits of a worthy king with stinky toes too much to bear, the witty king and his perplexing stench demonstrate their benevolent service to his subjects.

Readers beware! WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY CAUSE CHILDREN TO SAY STINKY THINGS. King Stinky Toes is a good and kind king, except for one small but stimulating problem.
 His Toes Stink!
 He can't elude them.
 It's just the way he is.

His servants make fun of him in spite of his kindheartedness, and the king is very sad. Poor King Stinky Toes. Destined for insults and mistreatment, how can Old King Stinky Toes win their respect?  The answer lies in the stink itself. With clever observation the king and his cast of characters will have you and your family grinning from ear to ear.

This memorable tale and the writing of it brought a father and his son to depths of laughter and imagination. Illustrator James Martin was Baxter's fourth grade elementary teacher and mentor. Martin's fun and creative energy is distinctive and inspired.  The three have created a new media company to further their creative gremlins.   

Before its first printing, Old King Stinky Toes  has brought momentous local interest and advance sales beyond expectations. Next, advance copies of Old King Stinky Toes will soon be marketed  nationally and internationally. Who knows whose nose will turn at the smell of Old King Stinky Toes?

Still growing up, Baxter and his father constantly seek inspired outlets for their creations. Baxter Owen Graham is enjoying sixth grade and is currently home schooled by his father in Whitefish, Montana. James Martin currently works for Old Goat's, Inc., he is teaching private art classes and  independent illustrator.. Together they have brought inspiring laughter to a new generation of kids. James Martin recalled, "This was really fun, Old King Stinky Toes is a great character. As far as him being stinky, it just comes naturally, his kind natured personality and ghastly bouquet is always nearby. Let's just say, all the character's  crack me up. And that rat, where did he come from? It's an unforgettable story meant to stay in the minds of children for a lifetime."

Well, Old King Stinky Toes boots are off, and the word is  spreading farther than the stench of his toes ever could. Old King Stinky Toes should become an endearing sensation in more ways than one. Open your heart, and hold your nose and check out Old King Stinky Toes, toes.

$15.95, Hardback Children Ages  3-8,  8 x 10, 32 pp ISBN: 0-9764791-0-9

Drumstick Media is a newly formed media division of Old Goats, Inc.. Founded in 1996, Old Goats, Inc. with and thru it's subsidiary Drumstick Media  publishes innovative, artistic, and moral commentaries on the human understanding. Visit us at created to give creative and emerging artists a broad venue in which to present their work. Along with our promotion of print, photography, video and film submitted by artists, Drumstick Media  mainly originates unique projects of it's own.

 Witty Old King Stinky Toes demonstrates his benevolent service to his subjects.
by Baxter Owen Graham and his dad, illustrated by James R. Martin
"The following story contains some prose and subject matter that may not disturb anyone. It's
about an old stinky king, and he has a quandary. Old King Stinky Toes loves his subjects, but his toes smell really bad. And when we say "bad", we mean it in the legendary sense. So bad, in fact, Old King Stinky Toes has inspired a virtuous children's book with a humorous title, Old King Stinky Toes. The book, Old King Stinky Toes, is sure to be an odoriferous hit, and it was blissfully created by my son, his fourth grade teacher and me, his proud father.
- Robert H. Graham, 3/08/05

"FORTUNATELY, FUMING FEET of KING FEND OFF DRAGON FROM FLATTENING VILLAGE! Hey folks, Montana is in love with Old King Stinky Toes!"

- James Martin, Whitefish, MT.

I was very impressed! With both the artwork and the story!!
It’s sure to be a hit with kids and parents everywhere.  The valuable message of acceptance and tolerance is artfully crafted in the “Stinky Toes” story.

- Gretchen Hahn Writer/Producer WFTV & WRDQ Television Orlando


Baxter Owen Graham  is now a sixth grader and the author of this delightful children's book (Old King Stinky Toes). Other titles are in the offing, including Bawks -  Is Their a Problem  and The Unfortunate Little Pig. He is just an eleven year old with the trademark, "Just a Kid Having Fun".

Robert H. Graham  is Baxter's father and the founder of Old Goats, Inc.,  in Whitefish, Montana. A former Investment Banker and consummate entrepreneur; Robert has launched several business including Fred's Cycling and Sporting Outfitters, Mountain Tops Outdoor and Clothing, SCREENDOORS.COM, Old Goat's Decorative Hardware and recently Drumstick Media.

James R. Martin is an artist and former teacher from Heartland, Wisconsin, and this is his first children's book. He now resides in Whitefish, Montana and works with Drumstick Media.

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